The Launching Skills


Additional Information

Session Dates: This is an ongoing group, participants are welcome to join the group at anytime! 

Note: Please contact us directly to see if the group your are interested in is currently in session. 

Day & Time:  Groups will resume for Fall on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 and run from 4:30pm - 5:45pm, weekly

Fees: $60 per session 

Note: Groups are ongoing. Clients may join anytime after start date, with a full commitment**

  • Weekly fee required regardless of attendance, with one excused absence granted
  •  All expenses & equipment are included in the fee
  • Credit card will be kept on file & charged weekly 

**A full commitment to group means four (4) consecutive sessions. Clients will be charged regardless of attendance.  

The Launch Pad ATL is pleased to announce a new ongoing adolescent boys adventure therapy group, called The Launching Skills! This group is specifically designed for 12-13 year old boys and builds on the curriculum of our Tools For Launching group, but is also open to new members! Our office is conveniently located next to Piedmont Park and the Atlanta Beltline! These locations are used weekly in the therapeutic process! The group will engage participants both mentally & physically in a peer setting to help build resiliency, so that clients can better manage the daily stressors of home, school and peer life. Mindfulness techniques will also be taught & practiced throughout the group sessions. These groups are well-suited for boys with attention deficit issues, as we strive to keep them engaged and on-task in the office & in the park! . 

An initial screening appointment is required prior to admission to the group. Please call or email to set up this initial appointment! 

Parents are expected to drop off their child at start of each session & return promptly at pickup time.


To reserve your spot, please contact us via phone at 678.427.7671 or by email at

Please Note: The confidentiality of email can not be guaranteed.  Please do not email any confidential information.