Parent Coaching & Family Therapy


The Launch Pad ATL is pleased to announce the addition of parent coaching & family therapy services to our practice. Annisa Pirasteh, LMFT is here to provide support to couples and families from all walks of life. Her work with couples & families supports and parallels the treatment provided to adolescents & teens in order to offer the most well-rounded, holistic approach to care. To learn more about her therapeutic style, or to schedule an appointment, please click here

Family Therapy can provide opportunities for family members to fully express themselves & share their unique perspective and voice in a supportive environment. We find family therapy to be a wonderful support to the individual therapy that adolescents & teens and young adults receive. 

Parent Coaching sessions are designed specifically to equip parents with the quality, evidence-based tools to find success and balance as they navigate the day-to-day challenges of parenting an adolescent or teen. We utilize a solution driven & strength based approach that addresses the unique needs of each parent. Our coaching services are designed for parents and families of all shapes and sizes, including those going through separation or divorce. 

Please contact us today to see how family therapy or parent coaching sessions may help to enrich your family and launch towards success.