Talk on the Rocks

Groups for 4th through 8th Grade boys

Wednesday Evenings

Resuming Wednesday March 20th, 2019


Upcoming Groups

Tools for Launching

9-11 year old boys

Wednesdays - 5pm - 6:15pm

Resuming March 20, 2019


The Launching Skills

12-14 year old boys

Wednesdays - 6:30 - 7:45pm

Resuming March 20, 2019


About Our Ongoing Groups

At The Launch Pad ATL, we believe that interactive groups serve as a positive space for adolescents to learn how to navigate peer relationships, build self-esteem, and develop coping skills to manage daily challenges at home and school.  Research shows that group therapy for adolescents can be just as effective as individual therapy, if not more!  Through participation in our groups, clients will find the strength, skills, and peer-support needed to launch towards success! 

Our office is conveniently located next to Piedmont Park and the Atlanta Beltline! These locations are used weekly in the therapeutic process! Our groups engage adolescents & teens both mentally & physically in a peer setting to help build resiliency. Weekly session activities have included rock climbing, biking, hiking, yoga, slack-lining, swimming and much more! Our goal is to help clients better manage the daily stressors of home, school and peer life by teaching clients apply practiced skill in real life situations. Mindfulness techniques will also be taught & practiced throughout group sessions. Our groups are well-suited for boys with attention deficit issues (ADHD), as we strive to keep them engaged and on-task in the office & in the park! 

Our groups change throughout the year, so we encourage you to check back often to learn more about upcoming offerings!  Please click the links below for more information. 

Please Note: If you or your child is currently experiencing active suicidal thoughts, ideations, or self-harming behaviors, it is our recommendation that you seek a higher level of care than what is offered at The Launch Pad ATL. For a list of referral sources, please click here